Aquatic Explorer Tee in Murky Depths- L only!

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The most intriguing of the undersea creatures, with its ability to squeeze through the smallest spaces, shoot ink all over enemies, and sticky tentacles for adhering to things in the murky depths, this cephalopod will forever be a favorite among humans.  The extraordinary feature of this tee is the surrealistic combination of a diving helmet and a creature that clearly doesn't require it.  In a great deep grey color, this tee is fantastic for all cool girls, whether exploring the briny depths or heading out to a fabulous fete. 

On our classic basic tee, which is slim-fitting and a bit longer than your average basic tee. 

***You may want to size up, as this does run snug compared to most styles.***


Garment dyed, pre-shrunk

100% cotton

MEASUREMENTS (all measurements are approximate, lightweight cotton fabric does provide stretch)

XS- chest measures approximately 30"

S- chest measures approximately 32"

M- chest measures approximately 34"

L- chest measures approximately 36"

XL- chest measures approximately 38"