Pretty Birches in Perfect Grey Basic Tee

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This gorgeous tee features our classic birches design in a whole new color palette of cool grey accentuated by pops of vanilla, fiery persimmon and shimmery gold! A little deer peeps her head out to say hello and the birds chirp pleasantly of their own accord.  

On our classic basic tee, which is slim-fitting and a bit longer than your average basic tee. 

***You may want to size up, as this does run snug compared to most styles.***


Garment dyed, pre-shrunk

100% cotton

MEASUREMENTS (all measurements are approximate, lightweight cotton fabric does provide stretch)

XS- chest measures approximately 30"

S- chest measures approximately 32"

M- chest measures approximately 34"

L- chest measures approximately 36"

XL- chest measures approximately 38"