The Alpaca Tee in Burled Walnut

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You'll be up for an outdoor adventure when you suit up in this festive walnut brown t-shirt featuring everyone's favorite South American animal, the alpaca!  Similar to a llama, but tending to spit a bit less, this gentle creature is wearing a scarf that is perhaps made of its own luxurious wool!  How ironic!  This basic tee features a 2 color discharge design, which means the design is in the fabric, and is soft to the touch.  Perhaps this excellent top will inspire you to travel the world (or at least go to a petting zoo), or perhaps you will simply wear it in the comfort of your home, but either way this shirt is so happy it will make you smile on a rainy, or snowy, day!  

On our classic basic tee, which is slim-fitting and a bit longer than your average basic tee.  


Garment dyed, pre-shrunk

100% cotton

MEASUREMENTS (all measurements are approximate, lightweight cotton fabric does provide stretch)

XS- chest measures approximately 29"

S- chest measures approximately 31"

M- chest measures approximately 33"

L- chest measures approximately 35"

XL- chest measures approximately 37"