Yellow Brick Dream Shirt in Heart of Gold

Blue Platypus

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They say birds of a feather flock together, and that is definitely the case here on this lovely creme tulip-sleeved tee.  A young ornithologist watches these feathered friends, probably for a different reason than her feline companion...

100% cotton, preshrunk

Runs true to size (contemporary): 

MEASUREMENTS (all measurements are approximate, lightweight cotton knit does provide some stretch)

XS- chest measures approximately 31"

S- chest measures approximately 33"

M- chest measures approximately 35"

L- chest measures approximately 37"

XL- chest measures approximately 38"

1XL chest measurement approx 40"

2XL chest measurement approx 46"

3XL chest measurement approx 48"

4XL chest measurement approx 53"

Made in USA