It can be a challenge for persons with some disabilities to access certain websites, since disabilities are sometimes unique.  Different people have different difficulties.  We are doing our best to accommodate customers and potential customers to the best of our ability considering our size, personnel, knowledge, and resources.

Accessibility on the site    

Our website provides features that can help with access to our website, services and products we offer.  There are also third party aids provided by different browsers.  Please see link below.

If you're having difficulty with access, please email us at  We will not share your personal information, including any information about your disability, with any third parties.   


We expect to make necessary modifications to our website and accessibility.  It's an excellent goal to increase accessibility and improve ease of use of websites by potential and existing customers. We welcome suggestions as to better serve you.  Achieving these goals depends on our knowledge, resources, and technology.  

Third Party Applications

This site may utilize plug ins for some functions, including social media feeds.  Access to these may vary depending on specific disability.  We don't control the way these work, and we cannot modify them in a way as to accommodate all users, and thus do not claim responsibility of them.


This site may provide video elements, in which case close captioning or written text would accompany them. 

It is possible that this site contains links to third party websites. Some such websites (which could possibly have a link or relation to our website) may have features of accessibility as well. Several links to descriptions of or information about third party website features as provided by several third party websites appear here. Blue Platypus has not reviewed these statements by others and cannot verify 100% accuracy of statements.

For Google Products, including but not limited to:

Firefox Brower

Internet Explorer



Instagram Statement Re Accessibility:





LinkedIn Accessibility

Third Party Screen Readers:

American Foundation for the Blind's discussion of Screen Readers: