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Blue Platypus Clothing

Delicious Work Tulip Sleeve in Granny Smith

Delicious Work Tulip Sleeve in Granny Smith

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Very few things in life are as satisfying as working hard and then eating the rewards, as the Little Red Hen could attest!  This cheerful young lass gathers apples, then lovingly washes them, peels and cores them in her 1950s kitchen, and bakes amazing treats for her friends and relatives.  Whether this girl resembles you, or someone you know who makes you happy with little culinary treats, this shirt depicts a scene of a beautiful and productive day filled with sweet smells and a bountiful harvest.  Maybe it will inspire you to bake something for yourself and others, or maybe it will just make you happy knowing that there is a roadside stand in northern Michigan or central California where a similar situation occurs every day... either way this cotton shirt will bring you joy with its perfect flattering neckline and overlapping petal sleeves.  On a gorgeous apple green color. Our #1 best selling print of all time- GOAT!  

 As always, this Blue Platypus shirt is 100% made in USA!

Runs true to size (contemporary): 

XS- chest measures approximately 32"

S- chest measures approximately 34"

M- chest measures approximately 36"

L- chest measures approximately 38"

XL- chest measures approximately 40"

1X- measures approximately 28" in length, 43" around bust

2X- measures approximately 28" in length, 46" around bust

3X- measures approximately 28" in length, 50" around bust

4X- measures approximately 28" in length, 54" around bust

100% cotton, garment dyed, pre-washed & pre-shrunk.  

All sizing is approximate.  Fabrics do provide some stretch.



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